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5th-Jul-2006 07:06 pm - omgwtf.
i couldn't believe this when i saw it.

Anecdotal evidence from people who self-harm suggests that many workers in the medical and health professions don't understand and often react in negative ways. This may include:

* Showing horror or revulsion.
* 'Talking down' to the person, ridiculing them or trying to shame them.
* Resentment that the person is 'wasting' hospital time and resources that could be given to people who are in 'genuine' need.
* The mistaken belief that the person has a form of Munchausen syndrome (the desire to inflict injuries or induce symptoms to get medical attention).
* Deliberately delaying treatment or giving them inadequate treatment, such as little or no pain medication.
* Instructing the person on where to cut their wrist (for example) so that their next 'suicide attempt' will be successful.

i got turned away from a hospital once presenting with suicidal thoughts and self-injury. i thought my treatment was a exceptional scenario, but apparently not.

i had always thought if i was really in trouble the hospital would be the last safe place i could go. a place where nobody would judge me and i could be helped if i was in desperation. it clearly seems this isn't so. i know the medical profession have extremely busy and demanding jobs, but we are people in pain as much as anyone and we deserve to be treated with compassion and understanding, not ridicule and this deliberate abuse.
contemplating, real
Eighty per cent of people thinking about suicide send out a warning, and about 80 per cent of lethal suicides follow an earlier attempt.

if someone was showing signs of being at significantly higher risk from a fatal illness than the rest of the population, wouldn't you think they need help? would you dismiss them as attention-seeking, manipulative or just going through a teenage phase? would you write their behaviors of distress off under a subcultural label such as "emo" or "goth", as if self-injury and serious contemplation of leaving the world was something people did to be trendy or for amusement? yet this is what people do to us every day, even in communities and amongst friends where we should expect to feel safe.

this is part spur of the moment rant and part message to this community, i suppose -- that we won't ever do this to you.

spread the word if you want.
contemplating, real
hi, i'm asuka (hello asuka) and amongst other things i'm a chronic abuser of lowercase... you learn to love it. anyway me and carameldusk created this comm so you could all feel safe and happy posting, if you don't we're not doing our jobs so kick our asses yo. ask us anything, we don't bite unless asked nicely. if you want to help us be the absolute best community out there we need YOUR support, help each other out, be supportive when you can and help make this community somewhere we're all proud of. and like the girl says no dissing. or i smite.

yr crazy redhead mod signing off! xx
16th-Jun-2006 05:05 pm - we care.
are you living your dream? i am
This community has an open membership, all members may automatically post and posts are unmoderated. We do hope that you will be responsible about not posting any explicit images simply because this community is aimed for those below 18 years of age.

We are very strict about dissing people because of the problems they face and will take serious steps when we find someone doing that. It is very insensitive and hurtful, so please don't do it.

It sounds like the company line, but here this is true: we care.
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